Haruka Kikuchi
Slide Trombone, Tokyo → New Orleans
Writing my New Orlenas' life in Japanese with many pictures. 
Just because I want to show these amazing experiences to the people in Japan where I was born in.
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                                      Yuki Izakaya
                     Photo by Emily Rose
           Photo by Cecelia Frontero
Funeral2nd Line for Travis Hill
Photo by Andrei Solviev
Oil Painting
​by Emilie Rhys

Jazz On The Green, Omaha, NE
Photo by jcoufal311

NO Jazz & Heritage Festival 2015
Tribal Queen Bee
of the Creole Wild West, performing with Cha Wa 
Photo by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee 
North Sea Jazz with Swamp Donkeys
photo by  Ferry Knijn
Cha Wa
by Music On The Road 2016
Umbria Jazz 2017
       Blue Note, New Yrok
Photo by Dino Perrucci
Treme 7th ward Festval
photo by Lloyd W. Brown IV
         Satchmo Summer Fest 2014
Photo by Z2
French Quarter Festival 2014
Photo by unknown
Villefranche de Rouergue,
        Photo by Joël Mottier

Kermit's Treme Mother-In-Law Lounge
                            Photo by Kichea S Burt
NO Jazz & Heritage Festival 2016
Photo by  Amy Harris
Mardi Gras Parade 2015
Photo by Bobby Bonsei

Preservation Hall-Stars
with Shannon Powell 

Shake'Em Up Jazz Band
photo by  John A Dixon
​North Sea Jazz 2015
​Haruka Kikuchi & The Big 4Tune
LMF Concert 02/04 Sat 2017
Live at the WWOZ 2017 FALL
Photo by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee